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    Full Feature List.

    For The Players

    Buy Tickets

    With Tiebreak Ticketing players can buy directly from your Tiebreak mini-site safely and securely.

    Manage Entry

    Players registered for an event can manage their entry before they arrive. If they decide to change their army or list, they simply log in and let you know online.

    Where Do I Need To Go?

    Tiebreak is integrated with Google Maps so players can plan how to get to your event easily.

    Round Draws

    Each round players can check their opponent, where they need to be and who their friends are facing next - all on their smart phone.

    Current Standings

    Players can check how they're faring in the live standings as results come in.

    How Are My Friends Doing?

    Club mates and friends at home can check how a player's doing in the event live online.

    Who's Won What?

    Prize winners are announced online so everyone can see who's won awards at the event.

    Event History

    Each player's record at the event can be seen - who did they play and who did they beat?

    For The Organisers

    Sell Tickets

    With Tiebreak Ticketing event organisers can save on data entry and give your players the best ticket purchasing experience.

    View Entries

    Organisers can see exactly who's registered for the event, and all of the information they've submitted.

    Army List Submissions

    Organisers sometimes like to get players to submit their army lists before the event to be checked. Tiebreak handles this approval process.

    Round Generation

    Each round is generated based on the event type, and an organiser can view and alter the draw as required before setting in live for all to see.


    Entering results is a breeze, and with Tiebreaks results sheets it's even easier.

    Announcing Winners

    Organisers can set up all the awards available and announce who's won each online for all to see.

    Any Kind Of Event

    Events come in all shapes and sizes, with different game systems, scoring methods and round generations. Tiebreak supports a number of pre defined event types, and allows organisers to create their own.


    Organisers can get a number of different statistics about their event, from what armies player's used to geographical information.

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