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Infrastructure Upgrade

24th October 2013 in News

Today we’ve had a substantial upgrade to our back end infrastructure, moving to a new server many more times powerful that our previous set up. This is just one step of some ongoing upgrades leading up to our beta launch in December!

Raze & Ruin 2013

19th October 2013 in Events, News

This weekend sees a number of firsts. Raze & Ruin is the first Warhammer Fantasy Tie Break event, and also the first event to be using version 2.0 of the system!

This is a big step forward for Tie Break, with the public beta edging ever closer we’re now in a position to announce an official public beta date – December 2013! Finally event organisers all over the world will be able to start using Tie Break for their events.

Alongside this announcement we’ve also launched a new homepage, and we’ll be bringing you more information about the beta and the Tie Break system as we get closer to beta.

ETC 2013 This Weekend

15th August 2013 in Events

It’s ETC weekend in Stockport at the North West Gaming Centre. They are using Tie Break to publish team standings online over the weekend.

I am making up one quarter of “The Prime Phat Catxiom” team, track everyone’s progress at the following URL:

Server Downtime

30th July 2013 in News

As you may have noticed we experienced some downtime over the last day or so. Hopefully these changes are behind us, and we’re investigating the causes. Shortly we will be moving to a new server space anyhow as part of our ongoing upgrades for the system which will ultimately improve the performance of Tie Break overall.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience during this time.

Blood & Oil 2013 – Ticket Sales and Tie Break v2.0

28th July 2013 in Events, News, Releases

Blood & Oil 2013’s mini site has gone live today, bringing with it the first look at Tie Break v2.0 and Tie Break ticket sales!

Blood & Oil

Blood & Oil was the first event ever to use Tie Break, and this time is helping us push new features into the community. This year the event is set to be bigger than ever and it all starts here.

Tie Break 2.0

As we work frantically to get Tie Break into everyone’s hands, we’ve been making lots of updates and tweaks to the system. Many are under the hood and don’t make much of an impression on the outside world, however Blood & Oil 2013 is the first event to use a brand new mini site layout that streamlines a lot of event information and brings some nice new features with it. Full details deserve their own blog post so keep your eyes peeled for a post in the coming weeks going through all the changes in more detail.

Ticket Sales

One of the very first goals of Tie Break was to be able to sell tickets directly from an event’s mini site. Not only to offer a great buying experience for players, but also to make player’s lives easier being able to register for multiple events with the same account. In addition to this, event organisers don’t have to do any data input before their event begins as everyone’s already in the system!

Welsh Open Aftermath

30th April 2013 in Events

The Welsh Open 2013 was a great event and a successful outing for Tie Break. It was the biggest event run using Tie Break so far, and we experienced no issues all weekend! We’ve also received some great feedback on forums which we’re really excited about.

As a quick summary on stats, the event’s minisite received almost 600 unique visits over the weekend, from 17 different countries around the world. We’re also talking with other TO’s about setting up more events to be announced soon so watch this space!

Personally I had a shocking weekend’s gaming – the less said about that the better!

Welsh Open 2013

25th April 2013 in Events

We are excited that The Welsh Open 2013 is running Tie Break this weekend!

The premier Warmachine & Hordes event in Wales, and one of the major 5 official Masters events in the UK have embraced Tie Break and have been part of our closed beta. This weekend will see the biggest event ever to use Tie Break and we’re looking forward to the reaction from the players and the community!

I will be attending the event as a player and will be writing up the event here next week.

The best way to run your tournament

21st April 2013 in News

We’ve had some small flyers printed ahead of the upcoming Welsh Open and they’ve just arrived in the studio!


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