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USD Currency now live

15th March 2016 in Releases

Great news for our fellow gamers across the ocean – you can now sell your tickets in USD.

When setting up your event’s ticket sales in theĀ Ticketing section when managing your event, you can now choose between GBP and USD.

We’ll be launching more currencies very soon too!

Blood & Oil 2013 – Ticket Sales and Tie Break v2.0

28th July 2013 in Events, News, Releases

Blood & Oil 2013’s mini site has gone live today, bringing with it the first look at Tie Break v2.0 and Tie Break ticket sales!

Blood & Oil

Blood & Oil was the first event ever to use Tie Break, and this time is helping us push new features into the community. This year the event is set to be bigger than ever and it all starts here.

Tie Break 2.0

As we work frantically to get Tie Break into everyone’s hands, we’ve been making lots of updates and tweaks to the system. Many are under the hood and don’t make much of an impression on the outside world, however Blood & Oil 2013 is the first event to use a brand new mini site layout that streamlines a lot of event information and brings some nice new features with it. Full details deserve their own blog post so keep your eyes peeled for a post in the coming weeks going through all the changes in more detail.

Ticket Sales

One of the very first goals of Tie Break was to be able to sell tickets directly from an event’s mini site. Not only to offer a great buying experience for players, but also to make player’s lives easier being able to register for multiple events with the same account. In addition to this, event organisers don’t have to do any data input before their event begins as everyone’s already in the system!